Wooden Seating Correction Ergonomic Chair - My Store
Wooden Seating Correction Ergonomic Chair - My Store
Wooden Seating Correction Ergonomic Chair - My Store
Wooden Seating Correction Ergonomic Chair - My Store
Wooden Seating Correction Ergonomic Chair - My Store
Wooden Seating Correction Ergonomic Chair - My Store
Wooden Seating Correction Ergonomic Chair - My Store
Wooden Seating Correction Ergonomic Chair - My Store

Modernised Ergonomic Chair

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This wooden ergonomic chair is perfect for body sculpting and stress relief. Once properly positioned, your back, shoulders and neck should be aligned. The rounded corners at the front and rear of the frame allow for a pleasant rocking motion. Our folding chairs are perfect for home and/or office use. Whether you are in front of a computer, watching TV or practicing meditation, we encourage you to take the right posture! Our ergonomic chair is made of high quality, environmentally friendly materials that keep users comfortable and healthy.

Premium Quality

Immerse yourself in the highest quality with our Kneeling Chair, meticulously crafted from premium birch wood. This construction ensures not only durability but also a sophisticated aesthetic that adds a touch of elegance to your office space.

Posture Support

Experience the pinnacle of ergonomic design with our Kneeling Chair. Engineered to promote optimal posture support, it assists in maintaining a natural spine alignment, reducing the risk of back pain associated with traditional office chairs.

Adjustable Functionality for Personalized Comfort

Tailor your seating experience with the adjustable functionality of our Kneeling Chair. From the height to the angle of the seat, this chair provides customizable support, helping you find the perfect balance that suits your body and prevents discomfort.

Sleek and Functional Design

Elevate your workspace with the sleek design of our Kneeling Chair. Its thoughtful design not only enhances the visual appeal of your office but also serves a functional purpose, ensuring a stylish and comfortable seating solution.

Key Features

✔️ The Ergonomic Kneeling Chair redefines office seating with its innovative design and rocking stool feature.
✔️ Its padded seat ensures comfort, while the kneeling position promotes proper spine alignment and posture.
✔️ Ideal for active sitting, the rocking stool engages core muscles, reducing fatigue during long work hours.
✔️ Adjustable height settings cater to individual preferences, offering a customizable ergonomic experience.
✔️ Experience the fusion of comfort and functionality with our Ergonomic Kneeling Chair, a stylish solution for health-conscious office seating.

About the item

Wooden Kneeling chair - our newest ergonomic knee chair. By relaxing the buttocks to the forward tilt position, the chair can remain upright and properly aligned with the back, shoulders and neck.
A variety of color choices bring a refined and unique look to your child's learning space. The base of the chair is safe and stable, preventing rollover.
Comfortable modern design (thick padding) The sturdy base is durable, and the stylish foam pad keeps you comfortable throughout the day, blending in with your home, office or classroom.
Multi-functional ergonomic chair that restores neck and back pain - Our chairs ensure that you sit up straight and relieve neck and back pain. Sit in our folding chair for maximum ergonomic advantage.


Modern ergonomic chairs can reduce discomfort and prevent musculoskeletal issues by promoting proper posture. They enhance productivity, provide customizable support, and often have a sleek design that complements modern workspaces.

  • Yes, most modern ergonomic chairs are designed with adjustable features to accommodate a wide range of body types and sizes. It's essential to choose a chair with adjustable settings for seat height, armrests, and lumbar support to ensure a comfortable fit for different individuals.
  • Absolutely. Modern ergonomic chairs are suitable for various settings, including home offices. They are designed to blend seamlessly with different interior styles while providing the necessary comfort and support for prolonged periods of work.

While maintenance needs may vary, most ergonomic chairs require simple care, such as regular cleaning and occasional lubrication of moving parts. It's essential to follow the manufacturer's guidelines for cleaning and maintenance to ensure the chair's longevity.

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